2019 - 'Fifteenth'

The Long Dark 2018 of the soul is over. That makes it sound worse than it was. Before we plunge headlong into 2019, first, some Nietzsche:

"I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature."

"Today as always, men fall into two groups: slaves and free men. Whoever does not have two-thirds of his day for himself, is a slave, whatever he may be: a statesman, a businessman, an official, or a scholar." - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nietzsche, even today, is much misunderstood, for example he was strongly and clearly opposed to antisemitism. He understood human nature rather well: on the individual level, the dynamics of groups and the power of the group over the individual. He believed that mass culture and the influence of press would lead to conformity and inevitably, mediocrity, (even mediocracy) and declining intellectual progress for the human race. Consider the latter in the light of social media and the influence of fake news, or more correctly, the inability to distinguish the fake from the real. Smart fellow. I might one day understand a quarter of what he wrote.


"He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself;" - August Strindberg (from 'The Dance of Death')

Although this feels like a Jungian re-casting of "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster..." (also from Nietzsche), I prefer the Strindberg as I'm fond of dragons as a motif and their global omnipresence intrigues me.

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Still, '15'. That's a lot of tedious expositions of fishing adventures. I'd be contrite but I'm really really not. In other news, for some reason I'm inordinately fond of Liquorice Allsorts, except those blue chewy ones. Who likes those? No-one I've ever met.

Not so very common carpI am content to wait. I am well used to it...(and back to the top of the page) Not so very common carpa very subtil fish Not so very common carpWatch for magpies on your path. Throw salt over your left shoulder. Walk around ladders. Not so very common carpif you will Fish for a Carp, you must put on a very large measure of patience Not so very common carpI am content to wait. I am well used to it.

2019 - Rewiring, rewriting, renewing15th February 2019. Floating job. I'm a collector of discarded floats and I happened upon a bunch awaiting 'something'. Here are five of such - dried out on the radiator - they've all had new tips fitted, bamboo skewers cut to length and glued in using water-proof cyanoacrylate, bodies rubbed down and touched up with indelible pens, tips given the JAA treatment.

More floatsI just have to have something on the go...

Left-to-right: A peacock waggler cut almost in half as the top section was crushed, new tip added; a slender all balsa waggler, the top half had lost its paint the eye had come adrift so was replaced with a piece of cane; a 3BB antennae with a broken tip, this was cut off and a slender new antennae with sight-bob was added; a self-cocking float which also had a broken tip, the eye is crimped into a piece of brass tubing at the bottom end; lastly, a 'Gazette' bung I found late last year, they're iconic, but the 'peg' attachment is (still) not effective, so I epoxyied a 4mm cane stem though the middle, added an eye on the bottom end, painted the tip, so now it is a fine pike float.

2019 - Rewiring, rewriting, renewing12th February 2019. A Right Pain in the Back.

I had a cold which dragged out for ten days or so, finally tapering off around the 15th December (2018). Since then I’ve had sinusitis (it turns out) and a concurrent flare-up of the lower back pain that has been my constant nagging companion since around 1982 (or so). I think today might be the first day in six weeks when I’ve not taken at least six pain-killers (assorted) and last night I almost slept through the night. Almost.

To have to work out a notice period during this constant battle on two fronts was twisted-instrument torture and I actually took a sick-day due to the 'back thing'. This almost never happens (if I took a day off every time my back hurt, I'd be on three-day weeks). While the worst appears to be over (I hope), for the incept of a new job that has all the signs of a really good match, it's not ideal.

Still, it’s not as if I’m too old for this sh1t. Yet. Damnably weary though.

I might yet find the energy to go fishing.

Another Crucian Carpcrucian...(and back to the top of the page) Crucian CarpCarassius Carassius Crucian Carp againCrucial crucian Another Crucian CarpCarassius Carassius Crucian Carpcrucian Crucian CarpCarassius Carassius Crucian Carp againCrucial crucian Crucian Carpcrucian Another Crucian CarpCarassius Carassius Crucian CarpCrucial crucian Crucian CarpCrucial crucian Another Crucian Carpcrucian Crucian CarpCarassius Carassius Crucian Carp againCrucial crucian

2019 - Rewiring, rewriting, renewing13th January 2019. Night-Floats. Part I.

I've experimented with quills that were made to take 'star-lights', bulky things, although effective and my old beta-light floats are, well, not very twinkly. I decided to make some new ones, so I did a little research on beta-lights. 'It turns out' that the basic rule is 'bigger is better', simply because the brightness is related to the amount of beta radiation impinging on the fluorescent material on the inside of the glass and larger lights have more gas, are thicker glass, so can be sealed at a higher pressure. It is also the case that the brightest are green, yellow, blue and red in that order. This doesn't tally with my experience of using blue beta-lights, which danced before my eyes like demented alien fire-flies. Annoyingly, this doesn't tally with the hard fact that our eyes adjust from perceiving green as the brightest colour in daylight to blue at night. In any event I bought three 25mm × 3.5mm lights in green, yellow and red, to try them out. My plan was to make quill tubes to carry the beta-lights and then attach them to porcupine quills. I realise this is anachronistic.

I carefully, using a knife-edge needle-file, cut the tips off three quills (a micrometer is a useful thing) pausing only to carefully work a beta-light back out of the tightest...

I considered them for a few days - one can both repent and consider one's options at leisure, the latter having the benefit of no additional work. It dawned on me there were three quills ready-sized and it made sense to use them ‘as is’. The plan was to place some kind of bung in the quill, put the beta-light on it and then seal the tip with another 'bung' and fill a few mm of the quill tip with epoxy-resin. I carefully marked a piece of 3mm cane to show the length of the beta-light and its position respective to the open end of the quill. I carefully, using this stick, stuffed the lower portion of the hollow quill with polystyrene beads to about 2mm short of the intended light’s position.

Beta-lightsTop-to-Bottom: A slice of cork, the 'measuring stick’, three cane 'plugs', the quills, shown with the first cork 'bung' wedged in a bit and the white area under the clear section is where the polystyrene was stuffed in and below them, one of the beta-lights.

I cut tiny plugs of cork, a little more than 3mm. I cleaned the inside of the quill with ‘q-tip’ dipped in nail-varnish remover, let it dry and put a smear of epoxy-resin around the bottom inside of the quill using a cocktail stick. I then squished the tiny cork plug into the end of the quill and shoved it down the tube to the mark on said measuring stick. I clean out the epoxy-resin surplus with same 'q-tip' and nail-varnish remover and put a dummy length of 3mm cane in the quill and a piece of tape over the tip to stop trapped air pushing it back up the tube.

Next day I dropped in the beta-light, made another cork-plug, pushed onto the top of the light with the tiniest smear of epoxy resin. When this had set, I filled the open end of the quill to the top with epoxy, then stashed them vertically in a block of foam to 'go off'. Once this was done, I rounded the top off, then spent a little time rubbing down the 'epoxy' tip and also the quill itself. There's no harm in thinning this off as much as is practical, as more light is better and I finished this job with P800, leaving the quill as smooth as a proverbial something. With an indelible pen, I carefully coloured the area of the quill above the beta-light black, and added another black band under. I admit my first thought was to use white paint, but decided that the beta-light was enough 'or not'; the black bands and any contrast with them would be more useful as the light fell. Then all got a coat of varnish.

Beta-lights Bottom cork plug in situ, beta-lights inserted. Beta-lights Top cork plug in, epoxy-resin in and 'off'.

When the varnish was dry, I got the really tall vase out of the pantry, some yellow thread and no.4 shot (a no. 4 is 0.2g, a 'BB is 0.4g and a no.6 is 0.1gSo a no. 4 shot is a handy size for this kind of thing...) and thus equipped played with the watertight quills. I established they would carry 4 × no.4 but with only half the beta-light above the plimsoll line. This is enough for this fishing they're meant for, but at (say) 3 × no.4 they lolled rather. In action they'll have an eye whipped on, another coat of varnish and carry a mini-swivel, so I've added a small cork ball to the lower end, which should give them the little extra they need to cock nicely with the whole beta-light showing. If they need more, I'll modify them again.

Beta-lightsThe quills, selaed, black-banded and with their buoyancy aids. You can just make out the top one is green, the middle one is red and the lower one is yellow.

2019 - Rewiring, rewriting, renewing9th January 2019. Word of the Day.

Faffberg (noun) In any enterprise, a monstrous obstacle to any progress, composed of middle-managers and bureaucrats that spend their 'working' day talking about stuff they either don't understand or care to carry out. Consequently they try and get other people to do it for them or stop other people working, e.g.

"Did you manage to order the 'widget' you urgently needed for tomorrow?"
"No, I hit a faffberg and now have to fill out a two-page form, get four signatures on it and it'll turn up in two weeks. Probably. If I constantly check."

cf. see 'a talking shop'
cf. see "Because otherwise we'd get stuff done, and that would be wrong." faffAn actual quote from a colleague.

2019 - Rewiring, rewriting, renewing4th January 2019. So, Wedgehill Ponds. Yet Again. Quite wintry.

I carefully ascertained that I should fish the south east part of the pool, on the basis it would get the most sun and so be the warmest spot, then wasted two hours fishing other spots that just 'looked promising'. Duh. In the second poor pitch I became the focus of a whirring war between three robins that had decided I was worth a territorial tiff, possible due to the box of writhing maggots. They flew over and under my legs and chair and at one point, one perched on my chest, another on my boot and a third sat on a rod-butt and screamed insults at the other two. Eventually one won feeding rights, but they all looked the same to me...

Once in the right place bites were regular but very tentative, even to a single maggot nicked on an '18'. I ended up striking at the tiniest of float dips or lifts of the 1.2mm tip and suspect that had I fished there from the off and not perched a big lob for the last hour, I'd have at least doubled the catch. Good frigid fun, I can't recall the last time I was quite so cold at the end of an afternoon's fishing. Random Fish Random Fish Random Fish 

Wedgehill PondsThe Bottom Pond from the first pitch
Wedgehill Ponds The second best roach Wedgehill Ponds The best roach Wedgehill Ponds The brown goldfish
Wedgehill Ponds One of the three warring robins on my welly Wedgehill Ponds The remaining nonet of roach Wedgehill Ponds The last light perch attempt
Wedgehill PondsThe Bottom Pond late afternoon

2019 - Rewiring, rewriting, renewing1st January 2019. So, 2019 then. You can of course re-write the software and it's possible, although difficult, to modify the firmware (although the firmware is perstistent stuff and may require overwriting several times), but you are stuck with the bios.

"Now...if you trust in yourself...and believe in your dreams...and follow your star...you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy" - Miss Tick's priceless advice to Tiffany Aching, by the incomparable Sir Terry Pratchett.

Happy New Year. Be better this year.

2019 - Rewiring, rewriting, renewing1st January 2019. So, Wedgehilll Ponds. Again. I had my perch head on; sadly, the perch didn't have their worm-heads on. I tried the south end of the middle pond for 90 minutes with nothing more than a tweak or two, although carp were in the offing, twitched stalks and sneaky crust removals gave them away (I fired a few crusts about to see what happened). I re-pitched at the scene of the last trip's perch and didn't have a bite to show for another hour, although the various carp that had taken to whoring up and down the bank finally wore me down and after watching a tail waving 6" from the bank and barely twice that distance from my right welly, I pinched on two good pieces of flake, took off the tell-tale-shot and rested the bait on a handy reed...having had the string pulled, I wondered off to the top pond and camped in the corner for the duration and although it felt like a better bet, I had only a few straggly bites of the 'small fish found large worm and was really determined to make off with it' sort. I did find a boilie drill, a 2½SSG loafer, a pole float (the one drifting about last week), and some kind of dart-flighted thing, which I assume was a depth-finding float or cross-bow bolt or the like.

Wedgehill Ponds The Middle Pond from the first pitch Wedgehill Ponds The inevitable hopeful float
Wedgehill Ponds The tamest and best-fed robin in the place Wedgehill Ponds The lady of the bank
Wedgehill Ponds The probable looking final pitch Wedgehill Ponds The probable looking final pitch Wedgehill Ponds The probable looking final pitch

Oh well. Next time yer spiny bu88ers. Random Fish

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