2020 - 'Sixteenth'

2019 was a funny year, although I as write this I'm not laughing. Not so much fishing; the broken back bowed me almost to the ground, but I can take a hint and have since lost 18lb with another 50lb (22.7kg) to go (yes '50'). I'm getting used to my new lifestyle, although this is necessity, not good intention; the damage done to my spine some 30 years hence cannot be fixed, but I can reduce the load on it.

A few wise words to ponder; firstly, for the 'woke':

"I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein's brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops." ~~ Stephen Jay Gould, The Panda's Thumb: More Reflections in Natural History  ~~ 

Secondly, for those who think everything is 'just an opinion':

"You don't need people's opinion on a fact. You might as well have a poll asking: Which number is bigger, 15 or 5? Do owls exist? Are there hats?" ~~ Steve Mnuchin ~~ 

Thirdly, for the magical thinkers:

"...that which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence." ~~ Christopher Hitchens ~~ 

I can't add, meaningfully, to those. The previous years of the 'Diary', such as it might be termed, can be reached via the below links.

This is the 2020 'blog page, which displays in reverse date order, i.e. with the latest entry at the top. The 2020 diary page, i.e. with the earliest entry at the top is here.

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2020 - Hindsight Year  9th January 2020. The Small Technology.

It occurred the other day, as I extracted the sat-nav off the Bugangler, then hung a new 'Silva' compass on my fishing bag, that the 'handy', the Small Technology, the mobile phone that is, has made a raft of things obsolete and is bearing down on others...most smart phones replace:

The Stand Alone GPS.
The Camera.
The Alarm Clock.
The MP3 or Music Player.
The Torch.
The Compass.
The Encyclopedia.
Actual Books.

There are yet more things it is bearing down on...

The Credit Card.
The Personal Computer.
The TV.
The Telephone Land-Line

For someone of my vintage (I cut my technological teeth programming a 'Commodore Pet'), these things represent an extraordinary change in the world, not that I have any objection and I am as enmeshed as most people. But still...

2020 - Hindsight Year  6th January 2020. Pheasant Plucker. A nice pair of late season birds arrived today, more fat than I've seen on one for a while. They will make a fine game curry.Old Bob's birdsOld Bob's birdsOld Bob's birdsOld Bob's birdsOld Bob's birds

2020 - Hindsight Year  1st January 2020. Lyons Gate. The road across the ridge was so foggy I was obliged to drop my speed to half the limit and it was certainly colder here than chez JAA. Kingfisher Lake was becalmed, but I persisted, walking a worm about with the LBRLight BLue rod, aka the Other Mk.III and float-fishing lobs alternated with pinches on bread on the LHSRELight Hexagraph Salmon Rod Experiment. A kingfisher was catching, but the worm-on-the-float only twitched a few times, once even moving down an inch, but that was that. After two hours, it felt like I'd given it a proper go, so for this and other reasons, re-pitched on 'Blue Lake'. I need the walk to warm up; the mist, slight breeze and 4°C had sucked the life out of my hands.

Lyons Gate Flat flat flat... Lyons Gate ...flat flat...did I mention how flat calm it was? Lyons Gate Unmoved, despite all exhortations.

There were many rudd. Many many rudd. Using the LBRLight BLue rod, aka the Other Mk.III, I extracted a few, then experimented with dropping a pinch of bread four feet straight down, using 3BB under a long quill; Blue Lake is deep, four or five feet off the bank and then rapidly falls away to over 10 feet or more in places, generating its titular colour. This method resulted in quite a few larger rudd, 6-8oz, and what appeared to be a 'choach'. Further experimentation with the LHSRELight Hexagraph Salmon Rod Experiment showed that a bait fished deeper than 6ft wasn't touched and both lobs and bread fished anywhere else were quickly found and annihilated. Hm. I pottered about a bit to warm up - I had a tin of meat in the car and 1" cubes might be the way to try for one for the chub or 'anything but another rudd'. I CBHCan't Be Hedgehogged, but then recalled I'd had this problem before and dealt with it by rolling hard pills of bread around ½" in diameter and side hooking them.

Lyons Gate The 'choach' Lyons Gate The Blue Lake, one end of it anyway Lyons Gate One of very very many rudd

I added a ¼" to this size, put 3×BB 2" from the hook, then fished under a long quill at about a fathom deep. This generated a considerable amount of spurious float movement, but no false bites, then after one new bait, the float rose up in the water and lay flat. The mystery ran about hard and dove deep and it was five minutes before I saw it, a fine common in the 10lb range. I awarded myself a cup of 'reinforced' BEGCBlack Earl Grey and Cylon tea. Heh. I re-baited, thrice and then as the light evanesced, the whole tip shot under and this mystery was not as heavy, so I backed off the clutch a little and let it run, which it did twice and it materialised into a fine chub on a cold damp day. The silver-and-red dressing around the chub is simply the rudd that were under the net when I lifted it...

Lyons Gate The thoroughly welcome carp Lyons Gate The surprisingly large chub

I fished on, packed the LBRLight BLue rod, aka the Other Mk.III away, then all other non-essentials, then ran through two more cups of the RBEGCReinforced Black Earl Grey and Cylon tea and hung on for a last fish, but nothing came. I may return.

2020 - Hindsight Year  1st January 2020. Twenty Twenty. "Hindsight Year". There is an odd pleasure to be taken from adapting a piece of electronics in order that it will allow the detection of a signal of 0.1 µV. To put that in context; if you stand an AA battery on one end and let its height (5cm) represents its voltage, (1.5 V), then 0.1 µV would have a height of 3.3 nM (or: 0.0000000033 m). This, in context, is about the width of 16 silicon atoms. If you think a size 22 hook is tiny, the width of the wire is about 5,000,000 atoms wide...mind bogglingly tiny is 0.1 µV.

As we're 'doing technical', here is a relevant quote:

"Successful engineering is all about understanding how things break or fail." ~~ Henry Petroski ~~ 

In order to rub along with the majority of the human race, it will on occasion be necessary to nod and apparently agree with a large variety of belief systems, almost all of which have no basis in truth.

"Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. ...the grave will supply plenty of time for silence." ~~ Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian ~~ 

Do meaningful things, try not to believe any idiocy and have a Happy New Year.

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